Operational lease
3 Nov 2019

Our corporate Operational Leasing scheme provides for long-term car use, as well as for the comprehensive arrangements
pertinent to the car’s servicing and the supervision of its maintenance and use.Our scheme is based on the „Door-To-Door Service“ principle, granting the use of a replacement vehicle at any time.

Thus, we provide an efficient, affordable and extremely user-friendly service, relieving our customers of any time concerns,
as well as of additional car expenses.

Practically speaking, the only car expense our customers have to make, other than the fixed monthly lease payments,
relates to coverage of fuel costs.

Oil change, insurance and toll fees, seasonal change of tyres, routine maintenance, and servicing – those are
all our concern.

If the car you leased requires any of the above, an employee of ours brings to your office a replacement vehicle, leaves
the latter to you for as long as the maintenance procedure or the insurer’s car inspection might take, and then brings
the leased car back to you.

Our package includes:


1. Key Account Manager

2. Routine technical maintenance – oil, filter, and tyre change…
• Door to Door Service, providing a replacement vehicle on the very day you need it

3. 24-hour phone line
• Door to Door Service, granting a replacement vehicle on the territory of the whole country

4. Full coverage insurance: Civil liability and CASCO insurance (casualty and collision)

5. Annual toll fee – vignette/toll stickers

6. Summer/winter tyre change

7. Car damage claims and repair.